Ok, it may sound crazier than it is, but the cool part it's that it actually may be true. I was a freshman in the same High School you attended, and I really liked your plays in the Theatre Club. Me being a freshman and campus being so wide open I only got the chance of watching you in the late-reruns of the local TV Station. When I wasn't so lazy, I went across campus to see a play you where in. I remember somebody dropping a prop in your head, a big red ball while you where performing, and then just laughed it off. I was in the back, at first I was in the first row seats, like always, but I looked up and was intimidated and went running to the back. Then I think I catched a glimpse of somebody who looked like you by the Willamette River. From my early days of lazy Late Night Tv Watching to the High School plays and then in the Willamette. It's somehow crazy but it seems like it was the same I remember in the Local TV. And I moved several times across the Country so it was totally natural. Really crazy now thinking about it. Well anyways, I think you recognized me, and I am on the High School Alumni Database, you can call me if you remember me. I am like this always. I like to meet people.