But I was too tired. Having lunch at the State Building today. You, social worker who would not shut up. Sitting with 3 other co-workers I guess. Telling them how you talk to your clients. "You wouldn't have budget issues if you didn't buy lattes." Telling people how to raise their children in that bossy voice. Not letting your tablemates get a word in edgewise. You, lady, are the worst. I pity your clients. Why did you become a social worker if you have no fucking empathy? Was it so you could have a license to boss people around? Because you are so clearly bossy. Next time I will move my tired fat ass and get the hell away from you and any others of your ilk, you horrible woman. I hope you read this. It was today, 2/21/14 around 12:30 p.m. but even if you did, I doubt if you would recognize yourself. And I am sure your co-workers HATE YOU.