I've been known to write a post or two about Justin Bieber, so I was excited to see him taking some fashion risks during his recent trip to London.

  • via Reddit

I think this is an okay outfit, and here's why:

1) Two watches! One's probably on London time while the other one is on U.S. time. Smart.

2) Bedazzled oversized canary yellow baseball cap! Probably a sunny day in London—good for protecting one's scalp against harmful rays. Yellow is also a good color if you're bicycling, or crossing a busy street. I get that.

3) Purple leopard print Hammer pants that are unzipped and from the rear look like he's wearing 47 soaking wet adult diapers filled with urine and poopy. Those are great pants for... for... OH SWEET JESUS, I'M SO SORRY EVERYBODY! I'm so sorry for wasting two years of your life on Blogtown with my seemingly never-ending posts about Justin Bieber!! Yes, I sincerely thought he was a nice kid with some bouncy tunes at first, and even when he slowly turned into a jackass douche, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt... BUT THIS?? I... I just can't... I just can't even...


UPDATE: I'm still sorry, and check out these hilarious tweets from Lost's co-creator Damon Lindelof about Justin Bieber's hat!