I was very sick. It was something that put me in the emergency room and I had serious surgery for. Sadly it started at work. I can pinpoint the exact moment it happened. I was sitting at my desk working and then pain like I'd never experienced (and hope to never experience again) shot through me and I was in agony. I was stupid and took a whole bunch of painkillers instead of just going to the emergency room. The only position that alleviated the pain was on my side.

So I went to the restroom and curled up in a little ball in the stall, trying not to be noticed, waiting for the oxy to kick in. But you noticed me. Or so I found out later. The thing is, you didn't ask me if I was ok, or if I needed a doctor, or if I even needed a glass of water. You let me lay there in excruciating pain. You didn't tell anyone either.

Oh wait. You did. After I'd been off work for a couple days and it became apparent it was me. Then you told people I was laying on the bathroom floor in pain.

You were already an awful coworker but you are also an awful fucking person. If there's a hell I hope your head will be on a pike roasting in flames. Since you probably do shit like this to other people too. But here's the thing, if it happens to you I'll still ask if you're ok, if you need a doctor, if you need a glass of water. Even if I want to stab you in the fucking heart for leaving me there in pain and then humiliating me later on.