(And a tiny bit more)

Your voice; as shallow as this sounds, makes the filling in my teeth hurt. I know all you’re trying to do is have us meet for our first time, but I don’t want to now. We’ve briefly talked on the phone a few times (enough times though that makes my hair stand up when you elaborate certain words, because of your high pitched squeal that doesn’t match you’re fuck me now face, or your throw me up against the wall body.)

And last night, even though we have never met, I had to talk you out of masturbating while on the phone with me. I get that we’re adults, and I get that our conversation went sexual for a second because we talked about personal experiences, about what we like and don’t like. But you have a penis, and you explained to me that you don’t watch porn on your own (I'm not turned on) or go to strip clubs. You said I don’t ever have to worry about walking in on you masturbating to girls on the computer. But, I want to walk in on my partner purposely masturbating knowing I’m coming home and will catch him, cause its fucking hot. I want to go to strip clubs, and I want to go to sex shops.

What I don’t want, is to listen to you orgasm with your voice sounding like I kinda want to feel if balls actually fell. I canceled a second time on you today. And you’re mad. And I’m sorry.