It was a day when the stubborn clouds of winter had faded, and the Earth’s patient star was able to warm the planets surface. I had brought a book to Laurelhurst Park and read it while sitting on a bench drenched with the white light of the spring sun. I decided to take to my feet around when teenaged lovers took to exchanging their saliva’s within an uncomfortable distance to my biblo-induced solitude. Ripped from a factious mental state, the sunny stroll led my thoughts down a familiar path laced with melancholy. The overwhelming emotional complexity of the human brain was causing a lump to grow in my throat. I felt like an unsightly lone soul walking on the harsh surface of a distant unknown planet. I was unexpectedly brought back to the lamblike spring day by a fellow parkgoer who had said, "you're beautiful", as I walked past. I would like to thank you fellow parkgoer, your simple gesture was a bridge over troubling waters.