I got off the train and called transit tracker to see when the next bus was coming, 13 minutes. This usually means the bus will show up in 2 minutes and I will sit inside an unheated, but dry bus for 11 minutes and be on my way home. APPARENTLY NOT WHEN YOU'RE AROUND. You show up, let people off, and proceed to shut the door in the face of the other girl waiting. Instead of getting off, letting us on, and sitting in the heated comfort of your bus driver break room, you walk to the back of the fucking bus and sleep? Are you fucking serious? Is that even allowed? You are on the clock right? Hoards of people show up, waiting for your now late ass, all standing in the sideways snow/rain windy as fuck that was 11am this morning.
I normally don't fucking care if the bus is late because that's the bus, but you were pretending to be asleep as people knocked on the window next to your face. Being a bus driver fucking sucks, I can imagine, but you were setting yourself up for unpleasant riders with that little stunt mister.