LORD OWL—If you're still a n00b, here's the perfect introduction to a new club whose Facebook profile claims its live music calendar is "arranged by special request from Baphomet himself." Clearly the Sabbatic Goat looks approvingly upon the punishing thrash and technical prowess of Lord Dying's powerful doom, and so must you. MS
w/Diesto, DJ Wroid Wrage; White Owl Social Club, 1305 SE 8th, 8 pm, $5-10

CHOCOLATE!—If you love chocolate (and unless your taste buds have been sandblasted off, you do), don't miss the annual ChocolateFest, featuring tons of delicious samples from such choco-luminaries as Moonstruck, Cupcake Jones, "best in show 2012" winner cocotutti, and tons more! Plus there will be wine to glug, educational presentations, and it's all benefiting the worthy World Forestry Center. WSH
Oregon Convention Center, Exhibit Hall A, 777 NE MLK, opening night party, 6 pm, $20-24; presentations through Sun, $12,