Yes, it's perfectly legal for you to take up an entire lane while bicycling down Columbia Blvd, or North Lombard, or any street/road/avenue/blvd/lane in Oregon… blah, blah, blah. My question to you is: Are you a fucking idiot? Why on earth would you choose to ride a bike down a road with heavy traffic is beyond me. The worst part about it is that fucking smug look on your face, like you're proving some point. The arrogant gleam in your eye conveying the attitude of, "My ego, my sense of self-entitlement is stronger than any mortal's metal and tougher than any manmade steel!" I slow down for your pathetic ass and pass with extreme caution; I'm not an asshole. But, you may not be so lucky one of these days, and perhaps some equally arrogant driver will accidentally plow into you and literally wipe that smug look off your face. Pick a better route and be careful out there, dipshit.