The race war is upon us, my white brothers and sisters! The time is now, for all of our fears have come to fruition! I knew it, and I've been yelling and screaming about it for years, but nobody listened. I've prepared and I've stockpiled, I've trained and I've planned for this day. Sure, I've gained a few pounds waiting for it to happen, but I'm certain I can lose it fairly quickly once we're all foraging for berries and stuff, once society falls. Some have asked why I choose to live in Portland, all the while complaining about living in Portland? Some have asked why don't I move to Texas, or some other Right-Wing state like that. I tell them to suck on the big one, that's what I tell them. Others have asked why I idolize Bush so much, when he started 2 wars off budget, was asleep at the wheel on 9/11 and gave trillions in tax breaks and subsidies to the rich and corporations. Shit, I just tell them to sit n' spin, as I flip them off. All these Leftists, Marxists, Socialists throw what they think are 'facts' at me, but they all can rot in Hell as far as I'm concerned. Now, after these attacks by HORDES of THUGS in Laurelhurst Park, what more proof do you need? I'm calling on all of my white brother and sisters to put down the cheetos, sober up as quickly as possible and meet me at the established White Power Substation!! (the secondary Substation by the Wendy's on NE 122nd, I'm having my kitchen repainted, so we can't meet here)