I’m so tired of reading on I Anonymous from people in the industry, about drunk people not tipping. If I recall correctly, over serving people is against the fucking law. I read recently on here how someone was drunk enough to be 86’d for “boy, you were drunk as hell.” It continued to read “I understand you wanted to fuck me, and that being cut off made you realize your impotence and failure as a sexual creature, but that doesn't mean that you should tip me and my hard working staff $00.00. Fuck you, little boy, and may every woman's magical pussy forever be out of your reach.”

WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT? Not only was he so drunk to hit on this coyote ugly, this I Anonymous admits “You cornered me A FEW times and close-talked me in the way only a sexually frustrated, young arian capitalist could.”

To the I Anonymous who wrote “Just the tip” YOU did this. And, I bet that because they didn’t tip you, that you let them leave and DRIVE away. Had they hit and killed someone, it would have been YOUR FAULT! YOU would have killed someone! I tend bar. I’ve been in the industry for over 15 years, so if you don’t know how to cut someone off before YOU over serve them, then 00.00 is what you deserve! When people are drunk, they dont know when to stop.

And to the 20 people who liked that Anon submission, SHAME ON YOU! Anon could have been responsible for killing your wife, husband, child or best friend by over serving someone just to make a buck, and you liked it. You're Awesome!