The sun has started hitting at that angle which tells me that all of the wonderful reasons I live here are just around the corner! There will be the detractors, the nay-sayers, the "I've been here all winter and where were you" folks. Nope, the bike hasn't hit the road since late November. It will soon, though. The trees will bloom, the Saturday Market will come back, movies in the park, festive drinking/BBQs on Tuesday just because. The sun has almost risen by the time I get to work in the morning. How exciting! I wanted to tell you all of this as a fair warning. I enjoy it here. It is my home. I am a fair-weather bike rider. I am a fair-weather frequenter of your local neighborhoods. I enjoy getting out and doing for absolutely no reason other than it is nice out. I believe this to be the most beautiful English speaking place on earth so don't fuck this up for me. Keep the 'poor me' shit to a minimum and none of that possessive bull shit either. Sharing is Caring bitches.