Dude, only a guy would chuck his spent condoms out a bedroom window. I get it. You have abandonment issues..

Here's what's up though. Our cat likes to bring them into our home. He is also proud of his find as he seems to ALWAYS include your entire load as well.

A few times he's tore them up in the hallway and the kitchen. It's a fucking nasty gross mess.
The worse part is now I feel sorta parental with it all. I mean, should I charge you a rate similar to child care for the clean up?

And now the conteplations....how would I really be with a douchey little fuck-of-a-son, with choded, gauged out ears and a lady friend with a bunch of horrible poetry tattooed in nice calligraphy placed all over her nicer parts.Yuck.

Well, I'll never truly know. But if you keep it up, a brief confrontation later they are gonna start to either get mailed back to you, dropped in your mailbox, set upon your car for starters.