You lie CONSTANTLY!! To yourself, your husband, your friends, co worker, landlord, etc. I've known you for years, considered you a dear friend but this last year and half you've grown extremely toxic. I've given you the best advice I can but I've cut you loose when I realized you were hurting me and most of our time spent together has turned into me babysitting your drunk ass and trying to manage your drama.
So you just show up, knock on my door, pretending shit hasn't changed. Pretending that you can just sit on my couch , feed me your most recent bullshit and I won't tell you to shove it and leave. Pack up your tears, I'm not your fucking therapist. It's time to be a grown up and accept responsibility that your drama is annoying and people will absolutely cut you off for it.
Being a cheater, a drunk and insecure girl seeking out attention and compliments at 30 is not a valuable friend. Wise up, retard.