Dear ex. I walked by your old job today and I got really sad. I don't tell you this, so it won't give you false hope, but I really miss you. A lot. We had so much fun together. I love that I became such an integral part of your circle. I wish we could have made things work. I wish I could have communicated better when I was angry or feeling hurt. I wish you could have sobered up when you started to notice I was slipping away. I wish you had spent time with me on your vacation instead of the bottle and your pillow. I wish we had gone on more adventures together. I wish we had done some of the stuff we used to dream about. I wish I did that thing to your hair I wanted to do before we broke up. I wish I didn't miss you. And I wish you could see yourself for how sweet and kind and funny you really are, and put down the fucking booze. You can't handle it like other people can. It's getting you nowhere.