Have you ever wondered why there such long lines at the movie theater? Yes part of it is due to the holidays and opening weekend, but most of it is due to un-prepared dumb-ass lazy patrons.
1) Have your payment, coupons, loyalty card, etc out while you are waiting in line. The people behind you don’t need to wait for you to take off you gloves, dig thru your purse/wallet, or watch you check every pocket for your payment. BE READY!
2) Know what you want to see. Don’t just say “two please” TWO FOR WHAT? I can’t read your mind.
3) If you know your credit card is worn out, ORDER A NEW ONE.
4) Quit wasting everyone time while you look for a quarter. You don’t win a prize for having exact change. Would it really kill you to have more than four quarters in your pocket? Here’s an ideal, give the coin to the person ringing a bell at the mall.
5) If you want something other than an adult ticket, let me know. Again I can’t read your mind. Don’t wait until I have repeated you order, told you the price and tendered the transaction to tell me you’re a student/senior/military etc.
6) We seat 30 minutes before show time. Don’t show up five minutes to spare. The deer in a headlight look never gets old when I tell you the movie is sold out. By some chance it isn’t, do you really think you’re going get thru the long line at box, concession, restrooms, and find a seat all in five minutes?
What do I know? I’m just a minimum wage kid. At least I am getting paid $0.14 a minute to wait on your sorry un-prepared dumb-ass.