Yeah, you broke your leg or some shit. Ouch! Your insurance probably covered it and I'm sure you lapped up the idea of that silly ass contraption. Now you can travel out to get food and a drink etc.

Yes. The leg immobilizer on wheels. Surely you've seen them.

Here's the thing...It screams the following; you are single, needy, claustrophobic, attention seeking, and painfully clumsy overall.

What the fuck happened to plain old crutches?

Are these things just for the NW? You fancy hipsters and your leg wagons, I'm suprised you don't have them all bumper stickered out with your stupid crappy shit. They are annoying and you block aisles and through-ways with your stupid specialty shitness that is usually garnished by a nasty ass sock. Gross.
That painfull bump and "oops, sorry" yeah? That's me!