For the two cunts watching zombie pussy,

With your proclaimed "lesbianism" & Sophia Petrillo glasses (Oh wait, too young for that reference?) I'd like you to know how ridiculously disrespectful you were to our dancers for a whole 30 minutes while you took this time to talk shit about us.

While my man was buying me a drink (for my birthday, no less) I saved his seat which had a full beer in front of it & you had a shit fit. While I was completely polite to you, saying that there was someone sitting here, you laid into me, embarrassing not only yourselves, but all womankind. You crossed boundaries that were not only our personal space (grabbing our tip money for the dancer), but with no regard to human decency. You called us "disgusting". Have you looked in the mirror recently? That smug, constipated look on your face is what's really disgusting.

We couldn't tell if you were way too drunk or off your meds, but one thing for certain to everyone at the rack- you acting fucking rude! There were plenty of seats available, but only a couple of posers with stupid hipster glasses couldn't see them.