Yesterday esteemed metal label Relapse Records announced they've added local metal heroes Lord Dying to the label's roster. The band's first full-length album will be out this summer; it was recorded in September with YOB producer Sanford Parker. Not much more info on this—and no new music to hear just yet, as the album is still being mixed and mastered—but Relapse's backing bodes well for Lord Dying, who are one of the most consistently satisfying, and loudest, bands in town.

Lord Dying sez:

We are honored to be a part of the Relapse family. Throughout the years, Relapse has released some of the most intriguing records in the world of extreme music. While it is intimidating to join the ranks of the Relapse roster, we look forward to the future. The gloves are off.
Tomorrow night, Lord Dying plays at the White Owl Social Club—the new venture from the Sizzle Pie folks, who are co-helmed by Relapse label head Matt Jacobson—and they're also opening a few dates for Down and Warbeast, including the show at the Roseland on Wednesday, January 23.