When you take the time to dive so far into vanity that you are willing to spend what it takes to achieve a perfect exterior, do you also take the time to shine up your character. Put a polish on what really matters. Do the plastic dollars continue to go to waste as you build up and demolish until no trace of the "imperfect" original sub par you remains. When the face you see in the mirror smiles with no happiness and your eyes still have a look of loss and emptiness, do you notice? Or do you see a new wrinkle or blemish to be erased. Maybe it's an issue that festers from inside. The heart of the matter is an itch you can't scratch and the only temporary relief is to sculpt the plastic mask. What a toxic event of self destruction to want to portray such a shallow image. To hide what lies deep and honest and true. To avoid the conflict of pride and integrity of owning up to the ugly demons you really wish you could reach with the scalpel. You can't repair lies and half truths uttered from lips you pout. Not you. No doctor or surgeon an implant the humility of an apology in you. It cannot be purchased and wore when necessary.

What is scary is the day you realize that the only fool you are fooling, is you. If you took a poll, it would rock your core to know that the general public finds pity for you. It's a sad show to watch. It's an empty dance of a lonely woman. Who is on the outside everything she could never become inside. An empty shell of glossed parts mixed and matched fr[Exceeded allowable word count].