There was a time, not quite so long ago, when I would become... concerned each time a Portland apparel designer chose to participate on Project Runway. No more. When I found out that Michelle Lesniak Franklin would be competing on Season 11, which premieres tonight at 9 pm on Lifetime, I realized I was mostly just excited to have an excuse to watch it with the one or two friends I have who are still willing to. Besides, the producers are really swinging for the fences with this one, adding a team dynamic, and taking shit international:

I interviewed Franklin this week in Sold Out, so you can read up to prepare. And if you really want to do your homework, Lifetime is airing a pre-episode "Road to the Runway" meet-the-designers at 8, so you can brush up on your bitchy comments and find a good groove for the main event. And of course, if you prefer the digest version, I'll be here every Friday recapping each episode with bitchy comments of my own.