Portland emcee Sapient has a new album on the way—Slump comes out February 19 of next year, and it's reportedly marks a sea change for Sapient:
"The rapper himself describes the work as his 'Indie Rock album, for lack of a better term,' and was born out of his own frustration of the current sounds of hip hop. He likens the listening experience to 'a more musical sibling to indie hip hop. You could think of it as a more functional little brother, who learned from his elder brother's mistakes.'"
This change in direction is evident in "Shotgun in My Spaceship," which is almost entirely sung rather than rapped. Over a charming, almost lurching beat accompanied by piano licks, cleanly plucked guitar figures, and some staccato strings, Sapient has made a sound that's equal parts classic, Beatle-y pop and hiphop; it's imaginative, catchy, and unpredictable. The humorous video sees Sapient playing the role of a Spacecamp nerd looking for love. It's exciting to see Sape carving out new ground by flexing the limits of hiphop. Despite the statement, he's not exactly doing the "indie rock" thing and he's certainly not embracing the nerd rap thing either—this is something new.