Anonymous wants to rant about how we came to Portland. In June we arrived to Portland from a 3,000 mile, seven hour trip to start our life over. Our relative with a bible degree he got on line, took us to his home in Snuffyville down in Southern Oregon. He has milked the system all his life, and we were sure he was a changed man. He is married to a woman that is also a bible thumper. She told us stories of when she was a child and fond memories of her Father. Eah Gads! He made them eat their bunny they had raised and named. Not only that, they had to kill and dress it.

Our relative was proud of his macho gun abilities; and one night we came in their house late, and he had a rifle and bow an arrow propped at the back door. He is and was unstable as hell, and he spouted bible verses as he is Deacon in some off the wall Church. We packed our bags and headed up to Portland to safety from the rural community of no blacks, asians, Catholics, or Jews.

We love it here.