• Miko Revereza
Portland electronic label Dropping Gems has their seam-bursting showcase tonight at Holocene (read more about the label here), but there's a little more info about the new EP from Natasha Kmeto, who performs at the DG showcase tonight. It was announced yesterday that her forthcoming EP, Dirty Mind Melt, comes out on Dropping Gems on February 19, and its four tracks lead up to her full-length album that comes out in May. We've got the title track for you below—you can download it as well—and it's a stark, dramatic piece over a hiphop beat with Kmeto's overlaid and vari-speeded vocals. Click the jump for the EP's cover image and track listing. Again, Kmeto performs at Holocene along with a truly stacked bill of other Dropping Gems artists: Devonwho, the Great Mundane, Rap Class, Break Mode, Ghost Feet, City Mouth, Brownbear, Bone Rock, and Philip Grass, with visuals by Mapache Films.


Natasha Kmeto—Dirty Mind Melt EP
Available February 19 on Dropping Gems

1. Pleasure Delay
2. Dirty Mind Melt
3. Contranym
4. He Loves Me, She Loves Me Not