We know whose been calling the cops on the street kids selling jewelry. It's you. You came and set up in a neighborhood that attracts panhandlers/street roots sellers and canvassers. In fact not only did you set up, you also ripped the lease out from under 3 established businesses so you could get the coveted spot.

These two kids are working their asses off. One of them was so fucking excited he's getting work. She sells the jewelry as a matter of pride. She's working as best she can.

So because you can't call the cops for someone hanging out on public sidewalks, you bust a girl who is well within the law. You call the cops on her over and over again because god forbid she makes some money off your customers. Way to go dickholes.

Because you know what? That's a good spot. It's always crowded (because of your business and the one next to it) and you won't be able to get rid of people trying to make money there.

In fact, you're going to get the local abusive drunk now. Those kids were the only thing keeping him away. They could tell him to fuck off and he would. So good job. Because you're small minded and petty, you've screwed yourselves for the rest of the summer.