So I am in my late twenties, and I find it appropriate to go to local punk shows and drink a beer, especially at an anarchist book store out of all places. While I was enjoying a beer outside of a show I get interrupted by a young man visibly under the age of 21, and this man tells me I cant drink. At fist I am just like, "who are you?", and he states he is a volunteer at this particular place. Now I've been drinking at this book store ever since I can remember, due to myself being in the Portland punk scene. Drinking here has never been a problem, but after discussing this situation with my friends, I found out that 18 year olds literally started 'running' this place, and I love the fact that you are volunteering, but listen...dont you ever tell a person of age not to drink his fucking beer while you are under age. I wanted to shove my beer down your throat and tell you to quit walking around like you're fucking "in charge" when you're just ruining shows by having your baby kid band play here every weekend. Later I find out this book store is now a "sober" space due to cops popping by..some anarchist book store, posers.