No, that plate isn't either. And when you put a plate with grease on the bottom of it on top of another plate, then both dishes are now dirty. Now, I get to rewash two plates yay! Telling you this makes me a tyrant. Not a person asking you to behave like an adult. I asked you not to take my clothes out of the washer and set them on the dryer. When I'm home call out to me, if I'm not, put them in a clean garbage bag or my hamper. Oh, but you continue to do it. I didn't know it was a fight. I thought I was asking you to behave as an adult. This is what makes me a tyrant. I have to ask you to buy toilet paper? I have to ask you clean a room? Wow. Anarchism = personal responsibility AND respect for others, not ignoring others needs and wants and then insulting them when they ask you to act like any adult would be expected to act.