This is to the mooch musicians who infest art events to which they have not been invited. You find out about an art event, where artists have paid for spaces to sell their art and try to make a living, or part of their living, set up without asking, divert all attention to yourselves, pulling attendees away from the artists who paid for the street to be closed, facilities and publicity. The artists who did everything that made the event possible are demoted to backdrops for you and your bucket to collect money from the crowd. Even if members of the public approach the art booths, you play so loud that it's impossible to have the conversations necessary to sell the art. Unamplified voices can't compete with amplified sound.

The musician who put this artist over the edge was bragged into the microphone that they'd "created a street party" as they attracted a crowd that not only blocked the street & sidewalk, but actually got so big they were dancing inside booth spaces, among the works of art that had been placed there by an artist with the intention of selling something, as if the art pieces were merely decorations for a discotheque.

No, you didn't "create" a street party - you stole one! Stole the publicity, the crowd and the opportunity to sell art that the artists had paid to access. You actually robbed the artists twice - the money they paid to rent the spaces, and the money they didn't make because it was impossible to sell while your music dominated the event.