2010's Tron Legacy was a visually stunning epic with a phenomenal score by Daft Punk—the only things it was missing were a remotely interesting story and a single interesting character. Some of that's Legacy's fault, and some of that's due to the fact that Legacy was... well, a follow-up to Tron, one of the clunkiest, most overrated science-fiction films ever. Still, it looked and sounded really pretty, which was enough to make me curious about what its director, Joseph Kosinski, would do next.

And here it is: Oblivion, another sci-fi flick, this one featuring Tom Cruise and a score by M83. This trailer came out over the weekend, and my first reaction is that it's cut really weird—the end result is frantic and loud and vague—but I've got a hunch that the final film will be significantly better than this preview implies. And hell, even if I'm wrong, it'll be gorgeous to look at and listen to, so there's always that.