Dear driver of the little white car trying to parallel park on SW Kelly ave near the tram base just before 8 am Nov 30, “I'm sorry” doesn't start to cover it but it's true, someone could have died from my inexcusable inexplicable dumbassery, I deserve whatever you thought of me and then some, plus a healthy bitch-slap, I'm usually not that driver I swear, but oh man it only takes once. I'm still in shock over being so stupid, thank you for saving the innocent bystander from it, I hope you got the stroke of epic good fortune you deserve for having that inflicted on you, that early in the day no less. I'm a bigger jerk than didn't-think-to-set-up-a-safe-word guy, oh man.... I will slow the bleep down and try to keep my brain on task, physics have no mercy, oh man that was so so so stupid I'd be annoyed at a 16 year old boy for it and I did it myself. Ugh. Ouch. Lesson learned, FWIW, so, so sorry to mess you up by inexplicably forgetting physics. Thank you so much for keeping it from being worse. part of me is going to be sitting in a corner thinking about just how stupid a thing she did there, watching it doesn't happen again. I thought she was already on duty, sorry... oh man, *so* stupid, how can I have been? Oh man, I'm sorry, thank you.