Please, please write the earring into the script
  • Please, please write the earring into the script

Via Latino Review and Fox News Latino (Fox News Latino? Okay!) comes an unconfirmed report that Harrison Ford will be reprising his role as Han Solo in the new Star Wars movies. (The thing I like best about the video where that news is revealed is the reporter responding to the scoop with, "Which is... big news?")

Meanwhile, while most of fandom is fretting over a doddering, grumpy old Ford, over at Wired, Laura Hudson has a piece that's more interesting, pointing out that the new Star Wars movies have a hell of an opportunity break down some gender barriers that've plagued the series in the past. It's well worth a read. (Full disclosure: I occasionally write some freelance stuff for Laura, but still, I'd be saying this anyway: Well worth a read.)

And that's your Star Wars news for Friday, February 15! You're welcome, everyone who cares about Star Wars!