Businesses where their primary source of sales are sandwiches are charging WAAAY too freakin' much for their singular sandwich in Portland! Yeah, so some of the 'wiches at a shop (I'll call it Fatso) down in Southeast taste about the equivalent to god's manna, but that still does not justify the outrageous pricing. It's not an entrée or anything; it doesn't come with a starch (French fries, mashed, etc.) nor vegetables, a drink...ANYTHING. ITS JUST A SANDWICH. I mean, I can reason with spending 10 - 15$ (including tip) on a lunch trip to a Thai joint where they include, say, delectable Tom Kha soup, tea, rice, vegetables, a fortune cookie at the end of your meal...ALL OF THAT. BUT YOU'RE JUST A SANDWICH. The worst thing about it for a growing young man like myself is half the time the bazillion dollar sammy doesn't even fill me up all the way, and I'm left gazing longingly across the street at the food carts for some small morsel that my do the trick of filling me up the rest of the way...sad, sad times when 12 dollars doesn't even do the trick of getting my tummy stuffed. I'm surprised that I haven't heard anyone else complaining about the phenomenon. Are people that oblivious to such atrocities to humanity?? Maybe if more people are keen on this highway robbery, change could gradually start taking place in the world of overly expensive sandwiches. It has to start somewhere.