Tonight at Milepost 5's new blackbox theater, all-woman sketch troupe Potty Talk kicks off their second season with a party, screenings of their new videos, and games and drinks and things.

As far as I know, Potty Talk's work so far has revolved around web video and workshops, but their website promises "two theatrical premieres" later this summer. I'm looking forward to that; I think sketch comedy is harder than people think it is, which means that everyone assumes they can do it, but not a lot of people do it well. Aside from the 3rd Floor/Sweat/The Aces contingent, who've been at it for years, I haven't seen much good sketch in Portland lately. It's promising that a whole lot of legwork is going into Potty Talk's product before their theatrical shows even launch.

You can check out their work here—some of the sketches are stronger than others, but there's some good stuff, and the production values are better than a lot of web video out there. I like this one:

The series 2 launch party is tonight at Milepost 5; 900 NE 81st, 8 pm-midnight, $10 (includes drink tickets)