There are some of you who are snotty. There are also some who are wishy-washy. Which category do you fall into? If the question overwhelms you, I suggest you check "both". I am annoyed by the impulsive and sometimes deluded manifestations of rebelliousness against an inherited civilization of which you tuft-hunters do not have the slightest understanding. Even if i shout obscenities at passers-by, the result can be a tone-deafness, a cluelessness, on matters that are at the center of experience for vast segments of you population. Although I agree with your type that we should avoid personal responsibility I cannot agree with the subject matter and attitude that is woven into every one of your hat choices and culinary migrations.
I yearn for the day the weeds sprout again on Glisan and the once respectful working man's enclaves serve Budweiser and pickled eggs. You will move on and I will still be here when you are gone.
Train Track Charlie.