So there I was, learning to drive when I take a wrong turn and end up on Marine drive - the stretch of Marine Drive that goes on for miles without a turn off. I'm forced to go 45 mph when I had gone no more than 20 before. I shake off my anxiety, and just go for it. I'm doing great! And then you start riding my ass. You, in that big ass, "I have a small dick so I need a big vehicle" truck. I'm barely keeping it together going the speed limit, and all you can do is ride your ass like it's a butt plug. Of course I'm going to get nervous! Of course I might start to swerve! But fuck you if you think I'm going over the fucking speed limit! Fuck you and that ugly bitch next to you. I hope she's not your wife! Because, yeah, she's got to be the most unsatisfied woman on the fucking planet!
When I finally found a place to pull off, you yelled "Idiot!" I took it as a badge of honor. You have initiated me. Now go see a doctor about your small dick, for the sake of your ugly wife.