Good God the tent is small. Surely The Witch will understand. When she arrives. For she is tall, too. We'll never fit. There's no room in this town for the both of us.

And Jesus, it's hot outside.

At least it's still dark.

Here she comes. Barreling right in, head first. The Witch. Blathering as she goes. Soon enough. She'll see.

No. Nothing. Spread out and fast asleep.

I go in and out for hours. The last trip to the outhouse ends it. Bunch of kids and a few old burnouts circled up, giggling, singing Beatles and David Bowie. Trying. Deep in the throws of Drugs. Discovering each other in the lingering waft of ten cooked, plastic shit boxes, where the air is thickest, heavy and warm.

Perrier bottle, please. Fill 'er up.

The Witch leaves at daybreak and I manage a few hours. Feel surprisingly serviceable, not having drank much. Would feel better if these fucking brats would quit running up and down the log parked two feet from my face. Dawn means something: Shut Up or Go The Fuck Back To Bed!

Some time later I hear "Blister In The Sun" from my pillow and know that sleep is still the place to be.

Scrape out of bed, finally, and tramp down the hill. Sweating in the same clothes. Freshen up. Head underwater. Still dripping, plop down in the dirt and glisten to The War On Drugs and a few fine IPAs with the Music Editor. Then off to get close again for Cass McCombs.

Like the night before, I cool out and just listen. Harboring no intentions of ever having to write.


Professional pot smokers around these parts. THEESatisfaction are better in The Barn.

I'm drunk and it's hot. And so we go. My, the food is fine.

In The Woods, Bambino are an elastic surprise. Electric CPR. CLEAR! KABOOM! Blood flowing and a Spring in my Step. Bow down on the Lord's Day. Good God!

Stick around after, wiping away the few bits of sweat I've still got left. Chat with my Lovely Assistant. Feel like I'll stay for BARR Brothers but Friday was the night. Can't top the surprise.

Still, they create the spark. And the audience tops themselves.

"This has been incredible," the singer says. Threaded out through the woods, the crowd knows just what he means.

"I hope we can come back next year," he says.

Me too...

Me too.