It is indeed a sad day that I find myself writing this bit. But I feel the need to address the mass problem with today’s Portland pissers. Look guys and gals alike what the fuck gives? Were none of you potty trained correctly as children or is it just a new thing to piss all over the toilets for the next person’s obstacle course?
It doesn’t matter where I go in this town…from dive bar (where I would expect fair amount of piss on the toilet) to finer establishments, stores, library, you name it… there is always piss not only all over the toilet, but generally on the floor as well. Do we need to start up a support group, a training center, something? Ideas? Because right now I am at a fucking loss to what the wide spread problem is here folks. I mean I have seen 4 year olds do so much better! And seen better looking Honey Buckets at shows.
I have travelled around, pissed in all sorts of places and receptacles, but never in my life have I seen such a gross display of inaccuracy on such a large scale as here in Portland. And gals, I understand the whole squat thing is a bit more difficult, but work on the aim!
So, I feel I must pass on this information: until things get better, I have been pissing in the sinks. You see a clean(ish) sink versus a stank piss covered toilet is no contest. So, next time you go pissing all over the damn place and then get ready to wash your hands, think of me and know I will be thinking of you.