It's a sad fact that America chose the liar. A pathological liar, who appeared to be high on amphetamines, won this so-called debate. Obama ain't perfect, but dammit, he had substance and facts on his side. He was mature, presidential and classy as fuck. Romney, on the other hand, flip-flopped AGAIN, lied AGAIN and did nothing more than attack the president. The saddest thing of all is, all of the Democrats, Liberals, Progressives and Independents all agreeing that Romney won. They all bought into the lies. They all did what Obama didn't do: sink to this weasel's level. The liar supposedly won. 27 documented lies in 38 minutes won out over substance and class. Oh well, I'm still voting for Obama, and there ain't nothing those simple-minded, over 300 job bills blocking, hating, racist, sell-out, traitorous and lying Republicans can do about it. Bam.