Bartenders are the best kinds of performers—the ones that are really good at looking cool, listening to your problems, and setting a drink down in front of you at the end of the show. So they compete—get used to it. It's the most fun and harmless breed of bravado, and it's usually a damn good time. This weekend was all about the ladies of the scene up at Speed Rack, a competition created by and for female bartenders to celebrate the often under-valued role of women in the drinking scene. Seattle's Century Ballroom saw ten Northwest ladies go head to head in a competition based on speed and accuracy, 100% of the proceeds for which go to breast cancer research.

The winner of Sunday's edition was Portland's own Lacy Hawkins, who mixes drinks behind the bars of both Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen and Nostrana, beating out 9 other women (including those representing our own Clyde Common, Raven & Rose, Hale Pele, and Verde Cocina) in the judging categories of accuracy, taste and presentation. Four other Portland bartenders represented in the 10 competing slots. Go grab a drink from this bartending marvel and wish her luck in carrying Portland on through the national competition later this year!