Last year, Design*Sponge and their Portland pals caused an oh-so-minor rumble when they announced the first-ever Portland Bazaar. One of the bigger, cooler of the season's many delightfully curated pop-up events, it was scheduled to coincide with local sacred cow Crafty Wonderland. The loyalists circled their wagons, words were flung, hands were wrung, and I made at least one comparison to those old Pace Picante commercials.

Of course there was no need to make any fuss. Portland sustained two successful events that weekend, and Christmas went on as scheduled. As it will again this year. Design*Sponge has announced that the Portland Bazaar is returning for 2012 on December 8 & 9—yes, once more on the same weekend as Crafty with a second wave of nicely chosen vendors. Click to MOD for a complete list.