Hey Neighborino! I noticed you tore off your porch and hired some dudes to start rebuilding said porch. We live in a nice area of the city with lots of old Craftsman style homes built around the turn of the century. I was hoping that you were going to restore the bastardization of a porch that was on your house before, but alas, you are fucking clueless. I was somewhat in shock several months later when I released what was shaping up, and now, mostly just appalled. Was a thousand dollars to hire an architect or designer too much money for you, so you thought you would design it yourself, or worse have your contractor do it for you? Your porch looks like some asshole glued on a modern, bracket exposed design from the suburbs. You do see all the other houses around right? You do realize that you are a fucking idiot who has taken a beautiful old home, and rather than restore it in a historically accurate manner that would reflect not only your house, but the rest of the houses in the neighborhood, taken it and fucked it up even worse, all while costing yourself money. You are not a designer, or an architect, but perhaps they can feature your house in a "don't let this happen to you" advertisement for local remodeling companies. In closing, I would like to say fuck you for making me look at your design crime, you fucking idiot.