To the person who left this note on my bike at Sunday Parkways NE "You just gave this event a Black eye. Locking your Bike to My tree was Not cool" 1. Parking strips are a part of the public right of way in Portland. Its OUR tree. Yes, it would have been more polite of me to lock my bike in Alberta Park but there were thousands of bikes locked to every tree in the park. My bike is expensive. I didn't want it to get stolen in the 20 minutes it took me to buy my kid a snow cone. 2. Comparing what I did to giving someone a black eye is hyperbolic bullshit. Portland has too many whiny babies like you whose lives are so priviledged they think not having total control of every molecule that comes near them every second of everyday is the same as being the victim of an act of interpersonal violence. Trust me, its not.