I'm so tired of this overly-patient, need-to-discuss-everything-with-your-child type of parenting I see all around Portland. Today a toddler was playing keep-away with expensive merchandise in a coffee shop, squealing and screaming the whole time. Instead of walking over and grabbing your child and reprimanding their behavior, a fellow customer had to grab them for you and hold them while you explained to them how running around with breakable merchandise made you feel. Well I got news for you, your child doesn't give a shit how you feel. What's even worse was you demanded, (to the entire store) that no one laugh or pay attention to her, because it's only reinforcing her behavior. You know what's reinforcing her terrible behavior? Demanding a room full of strangers to ignore your disruptive child. It's not going to permanently scar your child to be scolded in public and told "No", and not everything needs to be a discussion with them. Cut that shit out, and don't bitch and complain when your child puts you in a second-rate nursing home someday because they have no respect for you or anyone else. They got that way because you let them do whatever the fuck they wanted and all they had to do to get away with it was pretend they're listening when all they really want is the fucking cookies you bribe them with. The world won't care about their feelings, and so you're better off preparing them for that now. Otherwise you'll end up with a inept twenty-something who bitches about being 23 and having to work retail because their poetry degree hasn't led them to a six-figure income right out of college. Not everyone has kids, stop expecting everyone around you to tolerate and accommodate yours, and figure out that there are other people in this world who have needs besides your ungrateful, spoiled child. And just because you buy something for yourself, doesn't mean you need to buy something for you kid too, just so they don't feel bad. Life isn't fair, and I'm sorry you never got over that yourself.