We both live in a nice neighborhood but don't have private parking spaces on our own property. We also have all sorts of facilities and events here which sometimes lead to people parking in front of our homes. I get it. It's inconvenient. Who wants to walk down the street when they get home from work? I'm curious though: What provoked you to put up a sign asking people to not park in front of your home? If there is a person living in your home who is elderly, or has mobility issues or health impairments, then the sign is understandable. I'm pretty sure you could get a handicapped parking only sign or a special permit to protect this space. I guess this is not the case, though, since you mention not having a private space on your property in your sugar coated sign as the reason people shouldn't park in front of your home. Probably most literate people who read it don't want to feel like douches for parking in front of your sign so they park in front of one of the twenty other houses on the street . I'm on to you though, sign maker. I'm not usually a dick, but I don't like messages of entitlement. I'm considering parking in front of your home sometime and walking the eight blocks to my own place.