As Rachel Edidin has pointed out, few things in geek culture are more toxic than the "Fake Nerd Girl" meme—something that Portlandia is either blissfully oblivious of or blissfully unconcerned about. Their new "Nerd PSA" sketch (thanks, Gizmodo) ignores the issues surrounding the meme and instead jumps in to say, "Hey, real nerds are awkward, right?" Which, I don't know, is true in some cases? Just like some people in any self-identified group are awkward?

One thing is for sure: This is definitely a comedy sketch about how the word "nerd" has changed from defining one's place in the social hierarchy to defining the sorts of things that one consumes. Or something? Look. IT MAKES MY HEAD HURT. On principle, this sketch is lazy and (unintentionally?) sexist; in practice, I find it kind of touching and sweet. But oblivious.

Wheee! It's Portlandia, a show that never really says anything but kind of thinks it does! (Kind of like this blog post.)