Tonight's installment of Funny Over Everything—a great regular comedy showcase at the Hollywood produced by the Mercury's resident conflict-of-interest, Ian Karmel—is headlined by the hilarious and out-there Duncan Trussell, a philosophy-minded talker whose podcast regularly samples from the lunatic fringe. We just posted an extended version of Andrew Tonry's interview with Trussell, and it's an incredibly entertaining read—they cover hallucinogens, Ram Dass, conspiracy theories, gratitude, the genius of George Carlin, performing while high, and why LA club the Comedy Store is like "Hogwarts for comedians."

Here's just a taste of what the interview's got going on:

[I]f they're not dead already, your parents are going to die. The people you've known the longest on earth are going to be consumed by oblivion. You're going to get sick. Your girlfriend is gonna break up with you. This is a brutal universe. So the idea that you're always gonna be dancing through life as some joyful baby, that's not what I'm talking about. In the times that you're not in these turbulent moments, why not start building this connectivity with life, so when those turbulent moments come you know that you can get back to that place again?

I'm really looking forward to seeing Trussell tonight—also on the bill, Ian and Shane Torres. Should be a good one. For details on the show, go here.