Can we just be honest in this town? When ladies described themselves as "curvy" or "full-figured", what you really mean is you're fat. You can label it however you want to, but, as men, we just see you as chubs. "I have an hourglass shape" Ok, you have a large ass, we got it. You don't miss too many meals is what I'm laying down here. Just because your girlfriends try to encourage you and whatnot, doesn't mean that they're telling you the truth. Friends are supposta be positive and friends are supposta be supportive, but try and look at reality. Put down the fork and be realistic for once in your life: You like to eat, we got it. Call yourself a "foodie" or whatever, in my book, you're just a glutton, plain and simple. There's nothing wrong with that, for there are plenty of men who like women of, how should I put this...a larger 'carriage'. I'm just tired of all these delusional labels women apply to themselves to hide the TRUTH. You ladies (and the rest of society) have no problem calling men fat when they are. Men don't have pretty little labels to hide from the fact that they like to stuff their FAT faces. I just want some equality around here, you dig?