Woooowwwww. Oh my gosh, you are so funny and original. When you yelled "FREEDBIRD" at the top of your lungs at the show tonight, it was SOOOO funny that no one laughed, cause we've never heard that one before. It was almost funny in 1976 when you first started yelling it. And as the performer said, "That guy is here every night," he was being polite. You are at EVERY show. You whistle, "whooo" really loud in between and during songs and you yell the stupidest, oldest, crustiest request in the dismal songbook, freebird. Dude turn KGOON off, get a fucking life and a musical education. No one, not even the ghost of Ronnie Van fucking Zant thinks that is funny. So please shut the fuck up and learn a new joke.