What dingdong is advising Rihanna's career moves these days? Whoever it is should relieve themselves of their duties because this is the saddest thing I've seen since the Baby Elephant Zoo Scandal of yesterday: "Rihanna To Produce & Star In Fashion Reality Series For Style."

Um, that's the sort of thing you do after your successful career as one of the best selling pop stars in the universe. Not right in the middle of it. Even if she really has time for that sort of thing, she shouldn't be admitting it publicly. She should be making an avant garde book full of naked black and white photos of herself or maybe breaking into Hollywood, adopting children from developing countries, or even acquiring a taste for fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, or—I don't know, recording her next hugely successful record, maybe? All of which are activities that befit a star of her magnitude. Reality TV is for the old and/or failed, Rihanna. Don't you dare step off that pedestal before your time.

On the other hand, I kinda want to see it.

Music superstar Rihanna will executive produce and star in Styled To Rock [COULD YOU PLEASE COME UP WITH A LAMER NAME???—Ed.], a fashion design reality competition series for Style from Will Smith and James Lassiter’s Overbrook Entertainment and Shed Media US. The series, which has been picked up for 10 half-hour episodes to premiere in 2013, will feature 12 up-and-coming designers, hand-picked by Rihanna, who will get the opportunity to create fashion pieces for A-list celebrity talent. This marks the first competition series for Style. “On the heels of our successful network rebrand, Styled to Rock and Style’s new partnership with Rihanna will reinvent the fashion competition genre, fueling our viewers insatiable appetite for all things style,” said Salaam Coleman Smith, President, Style Media. Candidates can apply on Style’s website. “Fashion has always played an integral part in my life and career,” said Rihanna. “I am so excited to partner with Style Network and share my creative insight with these 12 designers and give them this opportunity to showcase their work.”

Actually, never mind, I don't think I can watch this. Just reading that gave me the sads.