The most terrifying thing about watching the robot uprising unfold is seeing these soulless machines take over realms that used to be uniquely human. Realms like playing in garage bands and making human babies. Yes, the University of California San Diego has made a gigantic android baby capable of smiling very slowly and, if you have the patience to watch the whole video, frowning really slowly. But WHY?!? Why would you make a human baby out of robot parts? Why would you make his hair of out a blue space helmet? And why would you let it smile as if it loves us when IT CAN NOT FEEL LOVE???

The robot band I am ultimately won over by. The robots want to play music to assert their creative dominance, but since no real drummer has four hands with which to rock or a tiny robot friend playing the hi hat with his face, they are at least offering us something new. The mohawk on the drummer is also pretty legit, so I'll give the robots a point for this one. You will destroy us, but you will also shred while doing it.